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Belgian Beer Tasting + FutureProof

Updated: Jan 5

On Tuesday October 17th the BCBC hosted one of our signature events – the annual Belgian Beer Tasting, co-hosted with BCBC Partners Collaboration Betters The World CBTW.

We heard from a remarkable panel moderated by Krystyn Harrison from how they make sure AI evolves both responsibly and equitably, AI investment trends and predictions and strategies industries can adopt to future-proof and build a long-term competitive advantage.

A few highlights from the evening:

  • An estimated 7 Trillion USD worth of economic value will be created thanks to AI over the next 10 years

  • The Godfather of AI is from Toronto: Geoffrey Hinton

  • Best Companies to make use of AI are companies that know their business inside out

  • Have you heard of Data Parity? is when AI model treat people the same way irrespective of their gender/age/ethnicity

  • Models behind ChatGPT – otherwise referenced as LLMs – Large Language Models

Guests enjoyed a special selection of the best Belgian beers available in Ontario sponsored by BCBC partners Molson Coors, McClelland Imports and PolyBEER paired with Belgian cheeses, delicacies and Belgian chocolates from the Belgian Chocolate Shop.

Special thanks to David Dzialowski, Krystyn Harrison ,and the team of CBTW for making this event possible with us, BCBC partners Mazars, Canada, TRACTEBEL, ArcoInfo North-America, Dentons, Puratos, Landmark Cinemas Canada – thanks for donating movie tickets as raffle prizes! + Molson Coors Beverage Company, McClelland Premium Imports, Aram Polybeer and BCBC members for joining us!

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