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Introducing BCBC’s Partners : asUgo Canada

Dear BCBC members and friends,

We have the pleasure to introduce to you BCBC’s new Partners, asUgo Canada.

asUgo Canada offers a global solution to cities and municipalities, but not only… asUgo is a prominent Salesforce Crest Partner that operates globally, providing innovative solutions for various industries, including energy, non-profit, public sector, and financial services. Our approach is centered around value-driven strategies and a range of transversal services, such as asUgo Lab: Innovation & Prototypes, AI Value mapping, Change Management, and API Management (MuleSoft).

Among others, we have developed a customized solution for public sector organizations such as public administrations, cities, municipalities, and groups of municipalities. Our solution is built on Salesforce’s Public Sector specific cloud and revolutionizes the way administrations interact with their citizens, providing a complete 360-degree view that enhances the overall citizen experience.

The solution comprises three key components:

  1. Citizen : You can benefit from our plaUorm which improves transparency and streamlines approval processes through automation. You can also take advantage of real-time monitoring of your files through detailed reports and dashboards.

  2. Social : Our platform automates various decision flows and enables the management of social, material, financial, and legal support.

  3. Financial : Our financial services can assist you with analyzing revenue and expenditure trends over both the short and long term.Built on the strong foundation of Open Data, Interoperability, and Data Sovereignty, our solution promotes transparency, citizen engagement, and novelty within your administration.

We ensure seamless data exchange between systems, eliminating data silos and enhancing administrative efficiency. Are you looking to create a thriving community where citizens feel valued and supported to their fullest extent? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take the first step towards a brighter future.

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